Sunday, August 31, 2008

Monday, December 3, 2007

Guitar Hero 3 - Slash

To finish my blog I wanted to post this, the Guitar Heroe 3 ad, I love this ad. It gives me the chills when I watch it. It really makes me want to rock out and go buy the damn thing, which I know its a waste of time. But come on, how many of us didnt dream of being rockstars? And tried to play the guitar and we sucked completely at it? Well I was one of them, and this cool new game allows anyone to become a rockstar at least in their house and this commercial says it all, I love it.

2 more

I only need 2 more blog posts, and I really am without any ideas on what to write, I have exhausted everything and all that I can really think about is studying and how hard finals are going to be. This two weeks are pretty much going to suck, I have projects, essays and finals, not fun. But w/e at least its only 2 more weeks and I get to relax at least for a month outside of Dallas, thats what I am looking forward the most, the chance to leave dallas, go back home and not have to worry about money, groceries, bills, homework, anything, I cannot wait for that to happen!

PS. 1 more post to go!

Pasta Recipe

So obviously that is not my pasta, but I wanted to share a little recipe I use everytime I make my Pasta, and I have yet to get bored of it. I start using wheat pasta, but any works, fetuccini is my favorite non wheat pasta.
1. Boil water, add salt to taste, and once water has boiled let pasta cook for 11-15 mins depending on how you like it.
2. In a bowl mix mozzarella cheese, sour cream, parmesan cheese, teaspoon of olive oil, cayenne peppers and italian seasoning. Heat it in microwave for 15 seconds to allow cheese to melt.
3, Get chicken, cut it into small strips, throw in pan and cook with olive oil, worchestercire sauce, italina seasoning some lemmon pepper, maggi seasoning sauce and lime juice.
4. Mix all together, add tabasco
5. You have an amazing pasta in 15 mins.

Paul Johnson!

Paul Johnson! Paul Johnson! Paul Johnson!

Please let him be our new head coach!!!!!!!!!! Come on! He is the best one for the job... Today might be the day he gets announced, Orsini has until thursday to hire a new coach, and todaywe play TCU in basketball, what a better time to announce him! Plus, Gerald Fords plane was seen leaving for Annapolis today, where Navy is located, were guess who coaches? The plane has been back, the stadium lights are on, Perunas truck was seen rushing to the stadium, this might be it! Come on new coach!!!!

God vs. Evolution

According to a recent poll, 82% of americans belive in God, and that evolution did not exist. This number has remained constant for the past few years, and it seems it will remain that way for some time to come. If by now people are not convinced of evolution with all the information and breakthroughs that have occured during the past few decades then they will never believe. I guess its a way to maintain their believes of a better world, or an afterlife and their hope that there is a heaven, and being good in life is worth something. I am catholic, I come from a really catholic country and I personally believe in evolution. Dont get me wrong, I also believe in god, the bible, jesus and his miracbles. But the evidence is there, I dont want to be naive, I would like to believe that this world was created in six days by god out of nowhere and he rested the final day. But the evidence is against it, and maybe I am wrong, I would really like to believe I am wrong. Maybe is more complicated that either one, a combination of both, thats what I mostly believe. Whatever the truth is we will some day find out...

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Wasting my time

I have this really boring philosophy class, but to respect the teacher and the class I wont say which one it is, I will only say it has something to due with weird theories and some type of marxism is involved. I did not chose that class, it was the only one left and I regret taking it. But thats not what this post is about, during the class I really cant focus, and have started doing some drawings in my notebook while I should be paying attention and taking notes, and I have discovered that I have been getting better and better at drawing this random things in my notebooks. Here is an example of one of my pages, as you can see there are more drawings than notes, that is not good. But on a special note I have a B+ on the class and a really good chance of getting an A. Thank you sparknotes!