Sunday, September 30, 2007

texas tech bell ringer

Wow I am glad I dont got to Texas Tech, this guy seems to be enjoying ringing that bell a little bit too much haha. I just love how nobody would have ever noticed this if it hadnt been for the one guy that had his camera pointing at him at that exact moment. I am guessing either the bell ringer felt horrible or he loved the exposure. Either way, this tells us a little bit about Texas Tech... Students are weird...


Right now I am studying at Fondren Library. Next week I have two midterms and an essay due plus all the other studying I need to do for the rest of my classes. And I am guessing that like me 95% of the people that are here dont want to be here and would rather be somewhere else. This is were my post is leading too, we are all here because we have to, we are not enjoying it and this is not the nicest, most comfortable place in the world. So when I am trying to study and some dumb b#!@$ is talking on her phone as loud as she can right next to me I will get extremely annoyed. I understand if someone calls you, obviously you will answer it, and well maybe move to another part of the library were people wont hear you, I myself do it all the time. But no, she continues to talk as loudly as she can, we dont care about what you are talking about! I dont care about what your slutty rooomate did yesterday at a party. Just shut up and let everyone else study, if you want to talk go outside or text! Thats what the rest of the people here do. I am by no means saying we should all be here as quiet as possible I always talk and I am sure lots of people hate me because of that, but give me a break at least I try to be considerate. It really is annoying when they dont consider everyone else here, so freaking annoying...


I think this is a funny advertisement for Dunkin Donuts. If we just saw it we would be like wtf? Why is he biting the things on a bus? Is he retarded? But once we see it is Dunkin Donuts we understand that is saying how people are always thinking about Donuts and in this case, his craving is so bad that he actually confuses the circle holders for donuts.

Intertextuality commercial

I have tried several times to upload this video from and for some weird reason it is not working, the address to find this commercial is As most might know this commericial deals with the UT/A&M rivalry. I first of all really enjoy the commercial and on a vertical scale it reminds me of my brother he was an aggie(I know, I know, dissapointing) and hates will all his heart UT, he calls them TU and all. It also makes me think of Vince Young winning the Rose Bowl in 2005 and how happy I was to see USC losing and how all my friends get so mad when they see any commercial about UT, it makes me feel so happy inside haha. Horizontally obviously it reminds me of the UT/A&M rivalry and of that game they play every year after Thanksgiving and that sadly A&M won last year.... It also makes me think of college football and all the rivalries that there are and how strong they are, seeing that they forever stay with the fans.


This makes me sad, this is a picture of the student section during the fourth quarter at the SMU vs UTEP game, the stands were almost empty. This was an important game for SMU, it was also an exciting game, we went to overtime thing which I dont think has happened at SMU for a long long time. And like always students didnt care, they left and took our win for granted. Yes we were up by 21 at one time, and yes we also blew twice a 14 point lead but that still does not mean that students should leave. Try to show some support! How embarasing for a nationally televised game that there are more UTEP fans than SMU fans, it just shows how some things never change...

Monday, September 24, 2007


Ok, so this is why drinking and trying to think at four am in the morning does now quite work. If you dont understand what it says it is: I am retarded, I am so f*****g retarded! Hahaha...

SMU 7 TCU 21

So we lost, again. That means we are now 1-3, that is pathetic. This was a team that was suppose to be a major force this year, and yet we lost. We make pathetic mistakes, four minutes left, and we run the ball, reall coach Bennett? Did you ever heard of no huddle offense in which you pass so you get the touchdown quicker? And even then an onside kick, yeah not going to happen. Dont get me wrong, our special teams are the best thing in our team except for DeMyron Martin, but still. This is not the team that we were all expecting, now we have to play dangerous conference teams. UCF is getting better and better each day, gave texas a hell of a scare. Tulsa stood up to OU and has only lost one game. Houston is predicted to win C USA again, probably against Tulsa. So that leaves us UTEP, Tuland and Memphis and with the way we are winning that seems quite hard. Come on mustangs! This is our year, we have a great offense, amazinf running backs, great receivers and kick/punt returners, just get it together and we can do this!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Seth Green Says Leave Chris Crocker Alone!

Hahahahahaha this is just one of the thousands if videos that are now on making fun of the video I posted before haha...


So this is so so so funny. My GF is a super fan of Britney spears and showed me this video I could not stop laughing as I was watching it, for once second I thought it was a girl but I was completely wrong. I also thought he was joking but no, he is for real haha.

FIJI Back in Black

This is a picture taken at our party last thursday. Its our Back In Black party and its one of our biggest ones and most meaninful parties of the whole semester. We started it after SMU put us on probation for hazing but could not quite kick us out. The party had an amazing 80s cover band and Kiss impersnators. I love this picture, dont really know why, its just all my best friends at the party. And it was such a great night that just seeing the picture reminds me of the grea time I had...

Thursday, September 20, 2007


So the big game is this saturday,there is not a single sportswriter that is predicting SMU to win, our odds are horrible. Our team was expected to do amazing things, win conference USA or at least go to the championship game, they were also talking about being ranked... So far those things are not going to happen. All we can hope for now is to survive the season and hopefully get a winning record and start looking for a new coach! Very important there, we need a new smart coach! One that can actually use more than 3 different plays the whole game. Here is the prediction for tcu from I will be at that game and will be waiting for a miracle, but lets be real, it is not going to happen...

SMU (2-1) at TCU (2-1) 8:30 PM CSTVWhy to watch: After three games, few schools other than Michigan and Notre Dame have been more disappointing this season than TCU. Ranked to start the season and considered by many to be the premier non-BCS program of 2007, the Horned Frogs disappeared in the second half of the Texas game and then lost the Mountain West opener to Air Force. With dreams of a BCS bowl run long gone, they’ve got to refocus on the fly before a once-promising season completely slips away. Long-time rival SMU has some regrouping of its own to do if it has any chance for a bowl game. The Mustangs’ only win of the year over lowly North Texas has been sandwiched by disheartening losses to Texas Tech and Arkansas State. While the offense is displaying a pulse, the defense has been horrid, showing no sign that it’s adapting to wholesale turnover along the defensive line. Why SMU might win: If star RB Aaron Brown can’t get back on the field, the Horned Frogs simply don’t appear capable of out scoring the Mustangs the way they’re currently constructed. Freshman Andy Dalton has been ineffective behind center, and Brown’s replacements in the backfield have not hit holes with any authority. TCU is averaging just 19 points a game, which won’t be enough against an SMU offense that’s begun to percolate with Justin Willis at the controls. The Mustangs have scored 73 points over the last two weeks, getting six touchdown passes and 760 total yards from their sophomore leader. Why TCU might win: Yes, the Frogs are stumbling on offense, but the Mustangs will be the perfect remedy. SMU is allowing almost 42 points a game, and is ranked 117th in the country in total defense. Arkansas State just got done shredding the feeble unit for 516 balanced yards and 45 points in a runaway victory. Even with issues on a patchwork offensive line and Brown at less than 100%, TCU will find away to get healthy at the expense of one of the nation’s most hapless defenses. Who to watch: This is a turning point game for Dalton, who has the support of the coaching staff, but needs to start making better decisions and more plays downfield. His interception late in regulation as the Frogs were driving for the win is the type of play that needs to be corrected. Against an SMU defense that won’t apply much pressure and is horrible in coverage, Dalton should have the best game of his brief career.What will happen: Defense still wins games, and in that area, the Horned Frogs enjoy a decided advantage over SMU. They’ll keep Willis from going berserk, and get enough on offense to prevent a three-game losing streak. CFN Prediction: TCU 35 … SMU 10 ... Line: TCU -19.5Must See Rating: (5 Curb Your Enthusiasm - 1 Kid Nation) ... 1.5

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Maria Valdes

This is Maria, she is my sisters daughter and is five months old. I still havent been able to see her since I haveben been in Guatemala and probably wont go there until december for christmas. All of my brothers and sisters have kids now, and we are getting a pretty big family. My sister has two boys, my brother two girls and now my sister has maria. She is wearing bunny slippers which was a gift my gf and me sent her for her babptise, I think she looks really cute, and cant wait to see her...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Texas Tech SMU 1982 HL

Wow, this is the most amazing return I have ever seen and it was done by SMU! Those most have been the good days, I really wish our team was that good again, be ranked and recognized nationally... Hopefully this year at least we will be able to get a winning season and go to a bowl game, hopefully...

Guatemalan elections 2007

I havent been to Guatemala in more than a year now, but the elections were last week and in the first round the two worse possible candidates won. The first one Alvaro Colom is a socialist and has been known to have had connections with communism groups during his youth, he is also involved in huge corruption scandalas all through his time at the senate. The second one is Otto Perez an ex soldier who believes in military rule and could easily be a great authoriarian government instead of a real democracy. They won by corruption and by tricking people, so now it all comes to who will win the secondary voting, but it is sda to know that there really will be no winners since both of them are horrible candidates...

Monday, September 10, 2007

FIJI Island '07

This is one of my favorite pictures, it was taken during FIJI Island which is our spring away weekend, not only was it an amazing weekend but I am with some of my best friends in the picture. It just brings amazing memories.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

German Eye Glasses Commercial

Ok so this might be really weird, the commercial is a German commercial for eye glasses and is probably the funniest commercial ever haha.


I took this picture as soon as I came to the stadium for the game against TT. I have been to every single game SMU has had at home for the past two years, and this was probaly the first time besides the TCU game that I have seen so many people at the beggining of the game. Yes most of the fants were TT fans, and yes all the SMU student section was empty by the third quarter but still it was nice to see we are getting more support...

the b

Volcan de Fuego

This is the Volcan de fuego(Fire Volcanoe) it is located in Acatenando, Guatemala and it has been one of the most frightening experiences I had ever been in. The little path you see there is less than a two foot wide, and if you fall you will pretty much die, its all sand so there is no way to stop your fall. To make things worse you have 50 people ahead and 50 people behind you, there is no way you can turn back or rush ahead. Once you make it through the pathway known as "El camellon" you reach the peak which is full of sulphur, a really horrible smell that is. Even if this sounds all miserable, being able to say I climbed it is one of my greatest accomplishments in hiking.

Friday, September 7, 2007


This is our prediction done by about our game tomorrow, the thing about this is that they predicted we would win against Tech thing which did not quite happened. I am a great follower of SMU footballa and would love to see us win and go to a bowl game, or even the conference championship which we could have gone last year. This game is an important one, first it is UNT they suck at life and they are trashy. Second they humilliated us last year, we better win this game, or that is the end of SMU going to a bowl game this season...

North Texas (0-1) at SMU (0-1) 8:00 pmWhy to watch: Talk about disappointing starts to a season. In the debut of Dodge Ball at North Texas, new head coach Todd Dodge and his Mean Green were dismantled 79-10 by Oklahoma in a game that was every bit as one-sided as the score indicated. Two days later, SMU began what many thought would be a breakthrough season by dropping a 49-9 game to Texas Tech. Dodge has big plans in Denton, including the installation of a pass-happy spread offense, but it could take a few years before he begins seeing results that even approach his success at the high school level. While the Mustangs weren’t supposed to beat Texas Tech earlier in the week, a 40-point home loss to a team in transition was a crushing blow. If the Mustangs have any hope of a post-season game or of keeping Phil Bennett employed, they’ve got to rebound quickly against an inferior opponent.Why North Texas might win: North Texas sure isn’t Texas Tech, but it’ll throw the ball as much, which is harrowing news for the SMU defensive backs. The Mustangs were smoked by Graham Harrell and a new set of receivers for 419 yards and four touchdowns on Monday. SMU tackled poorly and covered worse, which presents an opportunity for the Mean Green to make a significant stride in its new offense. Why SMU might win: At one point Saturday night, Bob Stoops was discouraging his Sooners from scoring any more points. The North Texas defense was really that bad in the opener. With Justin Willis at the controls, Emmanuel Sanders running patterns, and DeMyron Martin running like his freshman year, the Mustang offense will have few problems capitalizing on a young and vulnerable Mean Green defense. Who to watch: Now the face of the SMU program, it’s up to Willis to rally the Mustangs and bounce back from the worst game of his young career. He was harassed constantly by a rebuilt Tech defense and made too many mistakes, but will get significantly less resistance this Saturday night in Dallas.What will happen: After playing one of the worst games in Bennett’s tenure at SMU, the Mustangs get an ideal opponent for a feel-good game. Dodge, who’s used to being around high school defenses, is going to feel as if he’s coaching one in 2007.CFN Prediction SMU 35 ... North Texas 16 ... Line: SMU -17Must See Rating: (5 Mad Men - 1 Chelsea Lately) ... 1.5

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Oh shit!

So this was during my freshman year, they made us dress in suits, go to a mall and act like we were security guards. Before the video we were ice skating holding giant lolipops surrounded by all this little kids. It was also my first time ice skating. We then had the amazing idea to race, did not go so well...

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Amp'd Busted Commercial

This is probably the funniest commercial I have ever seen, I can see it a thousand times and I will still laugh every single time, I love it.