Monday, November 26, 2007

One of the greatest movie endings ever

So I just wrote my entry on how much I love the ending of Big Fish and of Dr Strangelove, here it is for you all to enjoy. If I was on that plane and knew that I was going to die, hell I would ride that bomb too!

Big Fish - trailer

I am posting this video for two reasons. The first one being I am running out of things to write about, like its getting really hard to reach those fifty posts.
The second one is, I love this movie, its probably one of my top 5 movies. I really believe in the power of imagination and how it can really change a life and make someone happier, how imagination can give live to some of the more boring and common moments of our life. I am a daydreamer, I love to imagine the what ifs, and create stories that will never happen, and I know its bad, and sometimes I tend to exagerate some things, not much but kinda of exagerate but I love it. I really like the message of the movie, and the ending is one of my favorite endings ever(Right next to Doctor Strangeloves ending were the pilot rides the nuclear bomb) it is sad, happpy and really cool. We can all learn from movies like this, and if you have no seen it, then go rent it!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Season from Hell

So I know I am not supposed to write about SMU football anymore but I will do it one final time I promise. And the reason I am doing it is this, we just finished our season from Hell with a game which went to Triple Overtime! Not only that but the game was against Memphis! A school that last year won only one game... Hmmmm sounds really similar to us! Our defense completely sucks, they competed more than 65% of all their third downs, that was pathetic. The good side was that their defense also sucked, so the game turned out to be a wild shoout. We had so many chances of winning it if it hadnt been for dumb penalties like facemasks, holdings and personal fouls. But thats it for the bad part, now the good side of this is we are getting a new Coach!!!! :D this is something that should make anyone that cares even a little about SMU football happy, I mean bye bye Bennett, you make a great Defensive Coordinator but not head coach! Hello Nutt, Bowden, Mason or Fran, whoever it is, its going to be amazing!

Friday, November 23, 2007


I have been running 5Ks for a while now, I always run well at the gym usually do a 22:00 5k which is actually not that bad. When I have been in the real races its different that adrenaline that hits when you are on a race against someone is so great that I ran so much faster I have ran them in approximately 21:00 and it is really annoying. Since I know I can run them faster, I need to start training harder next year so that I can move that time at least down to 20:00, that is my goal. I know I wont be able to win the races since there will always be that 4 lunged freak that can outrun everyone and that really sucks. In the past 2 I have arrived six overall and 3 in my category but that one was a small one, in the big one I just did I arrived maybe in top 50 and it felt amazing! Hopefully I can improve my time, we will see what happens. But by now that damn 21:00 mark is still stuck in my head

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Short and simple

I will keep this one short and sweet, that is Martin Sheen at a formal we went yesterday. Yes die of envy :D

Friday, November 16, 2007

No Doz

This article is really scary, it talks about the caffeine pills called no Doz, they are supposed to be as safe as a cup of coffee but apparently they are not. As a college student I have pulled several all nighters and gotten barely any sleep on many ocations, I dont really remember the last time I could just sleep until whenever I wanted to. Oh well those times are gone. So for me the only thing that keeps me going is caffeine, I take No Doz all the time. They keep me awake, on the morning I sometimes take them before class and I know its not good but they help the day go faster and avoid me falling asleep so thats a good thing. I hate energy drinks personally they taste horrible and dont really do anything for me, as for coke and pepsi I think they are disgusting. So all I have left is coffee which I love, I could drink it forever but the damn pills are just so more convenient. Sadly thearticle talks about how things can quickly go wrong. As a general rule dont take this things in excess! What the hell was he thinking? If you take two you feel like you could run a marathon, taking 12 is just suicidal. So as a lesson dont over do it, this things keep you awake and focused, but use them with moderation. Anything in excess can kill you, and this pills are not different. And as a final comment they are not like caffeine! I dont know how much caffeine you have to take to get their effect, but hey they work...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Student-Teacher affairs

And it happened again, another male teenager was found having consentual sex with his female high school teacher. The teacher was obviously charged with rape and the student was blamed that he had been manipulated and all. My question is this, if they both agree to have sex, the teacher at no point forced the student to have sex with her, if both parties agreed to it should it really be considered rape? I know that such a big age gap is bad, and more when the person the teacher is having sex with is really young and barely discovering sex. I fully agree this is wrong! Teachers dont be going having sex with your student, its just weird, and you are just fullfilling some sex fantasy that probably every single guy had in their high school days, there was always that hot teacher... I think it should not be considered rape, both persons agreed to it and they both kinda knew what they were getting involved in, I wont lie that teacher has one hell of a weird mind, I mean if you have to go having sex with your student that means there is something wrong with your relationships, like really wrong! So stop doing it! But if they choose to do it, and they get caught dont charge her for rape, since I bet the student had the biggest smile on his day the next day and could not wait to do it again. There is an age were you know what you are doing, and hopefully by high school you know what is right or wrong so lets leave this perverted teacher alone, her career is done, she will forever be seen as that teacher that had sex with his student... And as a final comment, if you are in high school, and sleeping with a really hot teacher, dont go complaning about it!!

NFL Network Monopoly


"The NFL pumped $100 million into the NFL Network to get it going in 2003, but it only covers a meager eight games a season, highlights and the draft. Recently, however, the NFL Network has expressed an interest in showing more regular-season games and non-NFL football content, such as NCAA games.Perhaps the network’s desire to show more games is its “democratic” way of getting cable providers to carry the NFL Network, which few do presently. On the other hand, or maybe backhand, Jerry Jones (the NFL Network Committee Chairman) solicited fans to cancel any and all cable providers that do not carry the NFL Network. If the NFL Network does monopolize coverage, should they also provide more than the current 16 games in the regular season"

I am always amazed how sports are not anymore about the love for the sports but they just machines used by gians corporations to gain more money. No longer do they even care about the fans, they pretend they do, but they just want them to buy more merchandise, to spend more money on tickets and to watch their games. I dont know how it was in the past, I think that corporations have always wanted to earn more money, and I dont blame them, but this is getting ridiculous, cut your cable provider off because they dont show a channel? You can just go watch the same games on either the internet, some network channels or hear it on the radio. I mean we dont need more sports channels, we have enough, already there are like 10 fsn channels, even more espn channels and thats not counting all those other networks like cstv. We dont want any more! I am appy with the channels I currently see sports in, I dont need any more! I think that networks are losing that connection with the fans, and I see it as a nice attempt to make fans happy by giving them more games and more football, but do it for them, not just to earn more money!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Carlos Peña

Wow my mom called me really excited about this some weeks ago but I had not really notied it. Carlos Penia is the winner of Latin American Idol and he is from Guatemala. This is probably the biggest thing to have happened to the country, the whole country stopped for this day just to watch he final episode. According to the news the streets were empty and as soon as he was announced the winner the streets went into a giant sense of partying, fireworks illuminated the city, people went to get together in the main parts of downtonw to celebrate that a Guatemalan had won. I believe that more than ever Guatemala was united if only for one day under one cause and that was to support their idol, it was a day which will forever be kept as one of the happiest days in Guatemalan history.

Oh F#$!

So I was casually checking the news from Guatemala when I found this. I talked in a post some time agoe about the first round of elections and how both candidates that had won were extremely inefficient. Now I find this!!!! The worse possible candidate for Guatemala won, this guy used to be a communist in the time of the Civil War at Guatemala not to long ago! 8 years ago he ran as the president for the damn communist party and now he runs for a conservative republican party and wins! WTF?!?!?! Guatemala has gone through lots of inestability, we have faced horrible candidates and extreme corruption from all sectros of the government. But we were on the rise, our old president worked really hard to elevate Guatemala and this new one is well just going to steal all the money, bankrupt the country once again and we will have to start from square 0. Of the last 4 presidents in guatemala 2 abandoned their country as soon as their term was over because of all the money they had stolen, and the mentor or this new idiot was one of those presidents. I am gratefull I am not in Guatemala for now more than ever violence and corruption are going to soar!

Junior Year

I have been having a great junior year until now. It seems like if everything just started to crumble in the past few weeks. For the past few days I have gotten barely three hours of sleep, have barely eaten anything and in all my free time I have spent either studying or trying to work on projects and essays. I have lived in the library for the past few days, and been there when not a single sould was there, it was really creepy and weird. The worse part I feel, is that while I have been doing all that I have been doing so many things for my friends, taking time to help them with their homeworks, problems, future schedules or just listened to their bitching. And yet I feel like I have never felt so lonely, I always take pleasure in helping my friends, in doing everything I can and always being there for them. Thats how I grew up, but for the first time I realize that Americans are not like the Latin Americans I grew up. Here they only care about themselves, after all that I have done for some people when I need them the most they are not there. I have been having horrible days, I have lost my ipod, did horrible at tests and when I just need someone to ask me hey do you need anything? Are you alright? Nobody does, I guess I just have to get used to the fact that people wont really care about others unless they can benefit themselves in some way. And that is so sad, I really thought I had true friends, but I guess thats not really the case, for the only reason they hung out with me was to party, now that I cant live that lifestyle they just ignore me completely. Lifes a bitch, and I will still face it with a smile and everyone can go fuck themselves if they dont like it.