Monday, December 3, 2007

Paul Johnson!

Paul Johnson! Paul Johnson! Paul Johnson!

Please let him be our new head coach!!!!!!!!!! Come on! He is the best one for the job... Today might be the day he gets announced, Orsini has until thursday to hire a new coach, and todaywe play TCU in basketball, what a better time to announce him! Plus, Gerald Fords plane was seen leaving for Annapolis today, where Navy is located, were guess who coaches? The plane has been back, the stadium lights are on, Perunas truck was seen rushing to the stadium, this might be it! Come on new coach!!!!

1 comment:

FernandoValdes said...

Traitor! I hopw G - Tech loses every single game next season! And that they get destroyed by Georgia like the past six years. Enjot Paul Johnson, you missed out on SMU!